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Firstly, for my front cover instead of having loads of photographs on the cover which could distracted the reader from the main image on the page. Therefore I used power point to do things such as research and then uploading them onto blogger.

The language used through my media products is informal to represent the social group. The original image has a much stronger focus than the second and this can be seen in the hair of the second.

This balance must be achieved to get into the top Level 4 mark band. These questions must NOT be answered in an essay format and should be treated as 7 different tasks.

In other genres such as pop, unconventional double page spreads are more typical in order to maintain the shorter attention span of its younger target audience.

I think that the name NME is catchy and short so people will easily remember it which I wanted in my magazine. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products.

AS Media Coursework: Music Magazine

You could use this to create a visual representation of your audience Question 4or use it to compare you own representation of social groups to existing ones Question 2 I have created an example of an Audience themed Glog below.

Other genres of music use this composition as it puts focus on the artist using the hierarchy of information. When looking at this we see on the bottom of the page that there are two advertisements both are advertising albums. I have done this because the magazine industry chooses to have a person or people I.

For example putting the double page spread interview into a question and answer format so that it reflected natural conversation patterns and therefore the audience felt as though they were in the room watching the interview take place.

Also, the fact that the magazine is contained in the cover means there is no way to preview it without buying, making the reader want to buy it more.

Although I have kept all three bits of information together and not separated them. There are 7 questions you must answer for your evaluation of your music magazine. The differences between Kerrang and rock sound can clearly be seen through their mastheads; it could be argued that Kerrang.

After distribution I think that my magazine would be sold in most newsagents and supermarkets. As you can see here that my preliminary task has lots of bold photos and colours that didnt blend in together well. Alternatively, this can be seen as an intimidating stance that portrays attitude, this therefore could intimidate, but also relate to the target audience and make them and more likely to buy.

Once I had completed this I had trouble changing the style of the hair as I could not locate an appropriate tool to do so. Why would someone want to buy your magazine.

I would want my advert to be placed on a page like this. In many other rock magazines, graphics such as shapes have been used to contain text in order to make the page appear busier, yet this is typically more used in pop magazines to appeal to younger audiences as they are stereotypically busier and full of energy.

This is why I used an old photo effect. As much as I wanted mine to look like these magazines though I wanted mine to look different and symbolise music in my age group.

Therefore the title represents the social group of teenagers. The background is white which allows the use of red and black text to be placed making it easier for the viewer to read.

You can do this either by using the built in voice recorder, or you can annotate them with comments and the pen tool. From the preliminary task I learnt the expected codes and conventions of most magazines and by completing the task it gave me a better understanding of some equipment such as IT software that I needed to use, as well as giving me some basic knowledge on how to construct a magazine of my own.

By using neutral colours it meant that both sexes could read it. I didn't want to follow this trend because, when my magazine is in the rack, the mast head will stand out more from all the rest of the magazines, which would mean more sales. I really want to include this sort of design. This comic has been taken from another user of the site and explains how you can answer question 3 using this software.

These questions should be answered creatively using a range of different creative technologies. Teenagers By doing this I thought that it would be easier for me to construct a magazine about what type of music teenagers are now into.

In other genres of magazine such as pop, bigger quotes can usually be found. Its fairly simple to use and you can take images directly from google search as well as embed videos directly from YouTube. I learnt that to help my photos look more professional I could use programs on my laptop and also effects on my camera that made it much easier when coming to edit.

Nov. 9.

Magazine Analysis

Music magazine intro: Music genre mind-map. I included relevant music artists and photos for the music genre my magazine is based on. I The language which I used in my magazine is informal, and they type of language which the reader would use in their day to day life.

AS level media studies coursework HELP!!!!! watch. Announcements. I got an A in Media Studies Unit 2 AQA which is the coursework unit so i can try helping you out.

My chosen media product was music magazines so i. Here are the three pieces of coursework I do with my Year 10s for a one-year Media Course. We do DVD Promotion, Music Videos and the final Magazine. If you're new to the course, you might find these useful.5/5(8). Here are some of the magazines I researched and the different genres: After researching the different genres, I decided to chose a mixed genre magazine, similar to the NME and Vibe music magazines, as I want to make a magazine for the new, up and coming bands or solo artists, who are all of different genres of music.

Slide 3: To contract the audience with my contents page I made sure it was bright and easy to understand. I made sure that the contents contain the information that my target audience will be able to understand and will be interested in reading about it.

Media coursework music magazine
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